2D Animation

These are the assignments which have been done while learning the basic principles of animation like wave, anticipation, timing and more. For the first i did 2d cell based animation drawing frame by frame to get the timing right for the animation. It was fun and helped me in improving my skills in 3d animation to know more detailed about the key framing in animation.


This was a group assignment given, an exercise to know how we cooperate with a team members and how the animation is distributed in industry.Here the rough, cleaning and final cell key frames are interchanged for both the characters between me and my friend in the team. It was done using traditional cell animation drawing and then colored in Toon Boom animate pro. It was great experience to get a hand on the traditional animation  software.



An assignment where we have to choose a single image from internet and then animate that image using any medium or method even rotoscopy. here i come across many tricks and software to animate the single image. For ex. like using after effects puppet tool to animate the images, also manipulating a single image to get the desired animation.


An assignment to animate based on music, a very interesting one to   know how we animate according to sound in our film.

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    Nice work really desi girl is nice

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